Benefits of Using a CDN for your VPS Hosted Website

The optimum performance of a website depends on a lot of things. One of them is using a high performing server like a VPS Server and the second one is to boost the speed at which the server interacts with its users. A Content Delivery Network helps to remarkably boost the speed on your VPS server. A CDN is simply a network of interconnected servers spread across the web, which facilitates fast delivery of content to users. Such a server network is agnostic of the user’s geographical location.

In other words, a CDN server copies your original server content, database, and other site assets and distributes on all the servers on its network. When a user requests for information from your website, it then reaches out to the closest server on the network, thus reducing the time lag of connecting to a distant server and retrieving information back to the user. This eventually enhances the user experience on your website by allowing them to browse faster.

Benefits of Using a CDN for your VPS Hosted Website

To make it easier to understand, here are the key benefits of integrating a CDN on your VPS server.

CDN helps deliver content faster

The audience today seeks faster speed and a delay in page loading time, even as less as by few seconds, makes them abandon the page, never to return. This can hurt site traffic and even brand reputation. With a CDN, this situation can be saved. CDN also helps in caching data on search engines, thus multiple users can access the same query on the same server without having to download the information all over again. This also makes for a great way to boost SEO.

CDN cuts down the server load

This is particularly true for sites with high-traffic and/or high data volumes. Sometimes, with such data overload, the servers can crash, causing a huge impact on sales, and even traffic. On the contrary, a CDN helps expand the server’s capacity to store the same volume of data across multiple points, without burdening your main site server, and thus optimizing the performance and speed of your website.

It allows better audience targeting

You can increase the visibility of your website and thus your business when you target the right audience. While audience segmentation is essentially a marketing exercise, this can be easily fulfill by using the right technology. A CDN is design to deliver content to users based on their location, which means that it can analyze the online footprints of your user, their browsing behavior, traffic source, and so on. This helps you to understand which locations have a better audience base for your business and what kind of users should you be targeting. Thus you can strategize your marketing activities and do effective custom targeting.

CDN helps with Lower Network Latency

Most often than not, websites with high data volumes, like gaming, software downloads, movies, music, podcasts, etc. quality issues while uploading or downloading data, or streaming content. CDN is known to benefit such sites by reducing the network load and improving content quality. This also means reduced costs on your end.

Summing up…

Speed and performance are cornerstones of a successful website today. And CDN helps you achieve both at the same time. More than most hosting providers can help you with a CDN service along with their hosting plan and help you improve the user experience on your website.

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