Why Everyone Should Be A Front End Developer In 2019

Why Everyone Should Be A Front End Developer In 2019

The world wide web as we all know it is moving faster than ever. With new apps, websites, portals, payment methods, cryptocurrencies and combined with the power of mobile, a lot of companies are on the hunt for the big new thing that will impact the market and their profit. In 2019, these factors will surely grow both from a market point of view but also (and most importantly) from a development one. Let’s analyze why everyone should be a front-end developer in 2019, in order to better fill in these gaps.

Front End Developer

The Whole e-Commerce World

In order to better understand how impactful the whole e-Commerce world is, we should state the fact that Amazon by itself is 20% of the worldwide commercial income. That means that 20% of the entire world’s purchases are just Amazon-related. If this number wasn’t big enough already, we should also consider the fact that Amazon is tangibly expanding its horizons, acquiring companies and triple-A creative studios in both arts and movies. With this in mind, being able to create, manage and optimize an online portal in 2019 will be a required skill in many marketing offices, therefore, being able to understand how the whole matter works will definitely help.


Everyone nowadays has a smartphone. Some are saying that these devices are controlling our existences, and they are not totally wrong. Many iOS app development and Android app development companies are in fact actively looking for front-end developers and architecture software engineers in order to create apps and tools which are able to implement desktop features within a mobile realm.

Future Technologies

Given the fact that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, combined with Machine Learning and other deep learning applications are probably the biggest focuses in the technology field, it’s easy to understand how and why a figure who’s able to implement such embryonic and experimental technologies into a web-based environment could be incredibly impactful in the next couple of years.

To Conclude

In order to become a proper front-end developer, it’s important to know HTML, CSS and most importantly, Javascript. Not only these are the core element when it comes to planning an app or a website, but they are the core principles of every online tool we are currently using. With this in mind and with many different learning resources available online, learning such languages won’t be too complex.

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