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See What May Have Led To the Toothache You Recently Developed

A recent study from several dental health foundations shows that millions of people across the globe develop a toothache and it becomes the main reason they visit their dentist. You develop a toothache once the pulp of your tooth has been infected, disturbed, or exposed. Some people assume that toothaches are dental problems they can treat using some painkillers, but they forget that these issues need a professional dental approach.

Most dentists would affirm that tooth root sensitivities are some of the major causes of toothaches and they can affect anyone at any time. Your gum and the tooth root have a bone around them, and the bacterial toxins dissolve sometime causing tooth root sensitivity. Most dentists know that dealing with a tooth sensitivity problem requires the patient to use the best fluoride gels and quality toothpaste.

Tooth decay is another cause of a toothache, and it occurs when the bacterial acid dissolved the enamel minerals in your mouth. When the minerals in your enamel have been dissolved, a hole is formed leaving the dentin exposed. A dentist may recommend that you avoid sugary things since bacteria that cause tooth decay feed on these substances.

It’s advisable to ensure you treat any of the dental cavities early enough, you may not know when they aggravate and become tooth abscesses, which are known to cause toothaches. Tooth abscesses indicate that the bone tissue is under a severe bacterial attack and this means the treatment should also include the inner pulp that was initially affected. The dentist may, in this case, decide to remove the tooth pulp and then use the inert material to fill and seal the affected area.

Some people don’t even know when they have developed gum disease, and they also don’t know that toothaches are common to people with this dental problem. Bacteria can affect the soft tissues in your mouth if more tartar and plaque has accumulated in the mouth and this means you would easily develop gum disease. Once the dentist discovers you have developed gum disease, they may advise you on how you would enhance your oral hygiene and also give you some oral antibiotics to take. Some people also develop toothaches once one or some of their teeth are cracked. Certain factors may contribute to developing cracked teeth, and this usually happens when your mouth has some injuries or when you are prone to chewing hard objects such as toys, bottle corks, and pens.
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