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Things to Do In Independence, MO

You might have certainly heard of the historical town, Independence. This is a small town that is found just outside Kansas which is ideally quite beautiful. It is necessary to mention that it is a town that is quite synonymous with tourism attraction. You will realize that this place has a great Mormon history. This is because most of the frontier settlers went through this place. It is necessary to keep in mind that Independence has become a city that is quite friendly for family tours. There is a need for you to realize that there are so many things that you can aim at doing in this town. They will every so often comprise of the following.

It is important to state that Independence is home to Harry Truman who was the 33rd president of the USA. This is why there is a museum in his commemoration. You will learn that this will be the right time for you to discover more about him. You will be able to understand everything that surrounded Truman’s presidency. You will actually find the admission prices to this library and museum to be quite friendly. You might also opt for frontier trails. You will learn of the National Frontier Trails museum that aims at offering detailed history as regards the life of our ancestors. It is certain that you will get authentic wagons as well as journals that were used during this trail. Children will also have the chance to understand the history behind this trail. This session is certainly interactive.

You might also consider making your own puppet. You will learn that there are established Puppetry arts institutes in Independence. It is imperative to mention that you will get the opportunity to make your own charming puppet. This is an activity that both you and your children will appreciate. It will seek to improve your creativity as well. You will also note that this institute offers monthly shows and exhibitions. It is also possible for you to learn the history of the Mormon settlers. This is a history that you will certainly love. You will also get to understand their role in the history of Independence. This will easily be carried out at the Mormons Visitors center.

You will also have the chance to tour the town on a wagon. You will find that the entire family will end up appreciating this. Seek to ensure that you give yourself a treat. You might also want to consider paying a visit to the Clinton’s Soda Fountain. You will realize that this historical building came up in the 19th century.

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